Oct 29

Are Noni Juice And Arbonne All They Are Cracked Up To Be

Many different studies have claimed that Noni juice is helpful to our health; however there are still critics who believed that there are also side effects that need to dealt with. The best way to change critic’s judgment is to discuss each claim based on different cases or situations and let them realized that the side effects of Noni juice is either not severe or non existent. While we know there are so many different types of juices, or supplements, or drinks, you just never know what your getting unless a third party company or lab tests them for you!

Side effects of Noni juice

The recent past, people have been informed that the ingredients found in Noni juice may have more health consequences compared to the people’s understanding. One of Noni’s juice side effects that some critics claim is that it can cause people to experience diabetic shock. Since fruit has a natural content of sugar, Noni, like any other major fruit juices also contain quite high level of sugar. If you are a diabetic person and you want to take fruit juices like Noni, you really have to observe your sugar intakes rather than being so wary. Diabetes would only be a health condition problem if the patient overlooks the diet recommendations of their doctors. At times, this may include Noni juice; nevertheless this is not right since Noni juice is not critical to the health condition of diabetic patient. The occurrence of negative result of taking Noni juice particularly to diabetic person is when the patient ignores the caloric and glucose information of the product.

It is really important to focus on the ingredients of health products like Arbonne International or the Noni Juice. This would help diabetics to avoid any relations to off-putting result. As with

Oct 27

5 Tips On How To Get Dad To Eat Healthy

How do you get dad’s to eat healthy?

We celebrate Father’s Day in June and it’s a great day to celebrate all that our dad’s do for us. And, if your kids are like mine, they want to have their dad around for a long time. So why not show dad you care about him and his health 365 days a year? Sounds great right? The question is; how do you get your husband/dad to eat healthy? I mean most men “know everything” and won’t even stop to ask for directions, right? Well here are a few things I’ve done to encourage healthy habits for everyone in the family, Dad included!

1. Lead by example!

Dads are stubborn and that can be a good thing when they’re advocating for their children or sticking with a DIY project, but not when it comes to resisting healthy eating. I know from my experience with Jeff, that if I tell him what he HAS to eat, it will go in one ear and out the other. I don’t take it personally; it’s just the way men’s hearing works. I guess they have a built-in filter that affects their listening ability once they hear words like “must”, “have”, “don’t” etc. (It’s the same with teenagers, but that’s for another blog.) So what’s a concerned healthy wife do to encourage the father of her children to accept healthy eating? Don’t tell them what to do, show them what to do and how to eat. One of the easiest ways to do that is how you shop for food.

2. If you don’t buy it, they won’t eat it.

Sounds so simple right? Fill your house with healthy choices and your husband won’t be able to snack on processed foods, because they aren’t in the house to eat. You don’t have

Oct 26

Storing Frozen Fruit

Fruits and vegetables are amazing products of nature that may have so many amazing benefits when taken in. They are rich in these vitamins and minerals that are good for your whole body. Anti-oxidants are found in them which fight against the free-radicals that cause most problems to our body and general health.

Fruits may very well be prepared in several different aspects. You might have them as it is or as pie, shake, pastries, and so much more. You might also store them so that when you need them, you possibly can just take them out and use the fruits for whichever factor they serve.

Freezing the fruit is among the best steps to keep and preserve it. The freezing way either kills and stops bacteria and various other organisms from spreading. This enables the fruit to stay edible for an extended time.

What you might do after peeling and slicing the fruit is keep them in these zip-lock plastic bags. You can also store the would-be frozen fruit in plastic containers. Just make sure that the seal is stable enough to make certain the fruit is not bare to other items found in the freezer similar to fish or meat blood. You do not want to contaminate your fruits!

You wish the fruits to be as healthy as they are. With freezing, that may be possible. Most fruits remain in good quality for up to 12 months at a temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit and below. For citrus fruits and juices, they may be stored inside the freezer for as long as six (6) months. To keep track of time, mark the date the moment you have prepared the food for freezing. This will help you ascertain in case the fruit is still eatable

Oct 26

Juice Therapy

Juice Therapy

Surviving on fresh fruit and vegetable juices is a kind of treatment termed as juice therapy.

This therapy is very effective than that of fasting on plain water that leaves you wrecked and tired. Juice therapy is quite an effective method to provide the bodys digestive and assimilative system a short break, and enable the body to reinvigorate itself. Apart from, giving the system a break, the juices themselves carries effective medicinal components. Different juices have different benefits.

The synergic effect of the fasting and the raw juices, the functioning of the eliminating organs e.g. lungs, kidneys, and the skin, is improved.
Benefits of Juice Therapy
Of course, juices have the same properties as the fruits or vegetables in their raw from, but their being in liquid form, are absorbed by the body very easily and quickly. They are replete of vitamins, minerals, natural sugars and trace elements. They are also aplenty in alkaline elements, which help in maintaining the bodys acid-alkaline balance.

This qualities itself qualifies them to heal many diseases. Juices also display several natural remedies that enhance a good health. A healthy, glowing skin is one of the results of a healthy functioning of human body.

Precautionary Measures

Some precautions must be taken during Juice therapy process. It is imperative to consult a doctor or an expert naturopath, especially if you plan to continue this therapy for a few days, since this involves a considerable deviation from your usual lifestyle. It is also recommended that all juices should be freshly juiced. This is because raw juices tend to oxidize very quickly, and hence lose their medicinal properties faster than raw fruits. Sweet juices are advisable to be diluted with water before consuming to cut down its sweetness. At the same

Oct 26

Whoever told you that tomato juice was the perfect idea for skunk odor removal

Though they may be small and almost unassuming, once you get hit by them, you would have a tough time in figuring out about the best way of skunk odor removal.

Most creatures are afraid of skunks

Even though they are quite small and they are not exactly dangerous looking, these creatures have hardly any natural enemies. It is a natural sense that other animals have when it comes to staying away from skunks.

Most animals stay away from skunks as they have a natural instinct and they are extremely afraid to go even near them because of the chemical spray that is released. The only creatures that are known to go after skunks are coyotes, domestic dogs, horned owls and on some occasions, people. Predators even do their best to keep their babies as far away as possible from skunks.

Tomato juice works great to remove skunk odor on pets. Does it?

Perhaps you are one of those people who have heard that using tomato juice is what is called for when you want to remove the smell of a skunk from your pets. Well, you have been misled into thinking so and tomato juice is just not the right answer.

By treating your pet with tomato juice, you may feel that the smell has gone. But, just do this simple test and you will know the truth.

Call someone over to find out if your tomato juice skunk odor removal technique actually worked

All you have to do to find out if the tomato juice really had any effect at all is to invite someone over to your house, after you have treated your pet with the juice.

You know what they will tell you? Try this, -Is there

Oct 25

Wheatgrass Juicers Get One And Start Enjoying Fresh Juice

Why should anyone drink wheatgrass juice? Why shouldnt they? Wheatgrass juice is gaining in popularity as more people become more aware of its health benefits. Due to this, wheatgrass juicers are also getting more popular.

A lot of people are starting to realize how important it is to eat healthy. To get sick is not easy. It can get very expensive. Therefore, a lot of organizations including the CDC are trying to promote good health practices. Eating right is part of it.

Meeting the recommended daily allowance for vegetables is much easier with wheatgrass juice. Charles F. Schnabel, the person responsible for making wheatgrass popular in the 1930s, did say that 1 pound of wheatgrass is equal to 23 pounds of vegetables. As ABC News said, Wheatgrass, healthy for the body and the bank account.


Wheatgrass juice is good for detoxification. For people who are drinking this to detoxify normally drink it 3 to 4 times a day. People who are used to eating unhealthy fast food and junk food might feel dizzy after drinking too much wheatgrass. After detoxification, they will no longer have to go through that.

Using wheatgrass juicers, it is much cheaper and better to make ones own juice. It is better because compared to powdered versions in the market, it is fresh. Fresh wheatgrass juice means that it contains live enzymes as well.

Get a good juicer

This is a way to get the health benefits of wheatgrass at a much lower price. Making ones own juice is easy using wheatgrass juicers. These are specially designed to extract juice from wheatgrass. Other juicers will not be as good. Multi-purpose juicers just might be able to get good quality wheatgrass juice.

The speed is an important consideration. It must fall between 80 and 120 RPM.

Oct 24

Juice Recipes – How To Make Your Favorite Juices

There are many different types of juice that you can make on your own and can be enjoyed any time of the day. Here are some simple recipes or steps for making different types of juice that your whole family can enjoy.

Orange Juice

Perhaps one of the most popular types of juice that many like to make at home is orange juice. This particular drink is very easy to make. All you need to do is gather up a bunch or whole oranges, about 12 or so, cut them in half, and the squeeze the juice from them into a pitcher.

As you probably know, squeezing that many oranges can be quite time consuming and tiresome. Instead of squeezing them all by hand, you can use an orange juicer or a citrus juicer to accomplish the same task in a much shorter period of time. The juicer effectively removes all of the juice from the oranges when you squeeze them down on it. Plus, if you like pulp in your drink you will most likely get some of the pulp form the oranges when you squeeze them.

Apple Juice

Another wonderful type of juice that many enjoy making is apple juice, which is just as easy to make as orange juice. For this particular drink you need a good number of apples. You can pick them fresh from a tree or you can simply purchase them at your local grocery store. The preferred method is hand picking them straight from an apple tree because this usually offers the freshest taste.

Once you have enough apples gathered up, then you need to put them through a juicer. A juicer is a piece of equipment that has a tank or barrel where the apple go,

Oct 24

Fruit That Burns Fat-or Does It

Would you like to burn fat quickly and more efficiently? There is now available a natural extract from a plant that is native to Indonesia and this is Garcina Cambogia.

What Is Garcina Cambogia Extract?
This is a very small, pumpkin-shaped fruit that is also known as tamarind. It is native to Indonesia and is also grown in Southeast Asia, India and Central and West Africa. It is used in many South Asian dishes traditionally, such as chutneys and curries. This fruit is also used for curing fish and preservation.

By adding this ingredient to meals it is considered to be very effective in making meals fill you up faster. In some villages in Malaysia, this fruit is used in making soup that can be eaten prior to a meal for weight loss due to Cambodias appetite-blocking abilities.

Is This Fruit Effective?
This fruit has been well-researched with over a dozen various clinical trials carried out over the years. Repeatedly, research reveals the power of Garcinia Cambogia has for the fat loss and the creation of healthy eating habits.

So what makes Cambogia so effective and does it really work? Cambogia is a yellow fruit that is shaped sort of like a pumpkin and it goes by other names across Southeast Asia and other area and is eaten as a food and the rind is used in traditional recipes in south India.

The extract is derived from mostly the rind, which is dried and cured and contains hydroxycitric acids HCA which is a substance advertised to block sugars and fats while suppressing appetites.

Research and Study
A study was done at St Lukes Hospital the Obesity Nutrition Research Center in New York to see if this fruit had any advantage as anti-obesity

Oct 23

The Ranking Of Acai Berry Juice As An Antioxidant

Acai Berry grows on a fast growing palm tree. These palm trees are cultivated in the rain forests of Amazon, mostly in Brazil. The fruit of this palm tree is termed “Acai Berry”. The locals of the Amazon harvest these small berries and convert the fruit into the pulp. This pulp is then used to flavor the number of different dishes. If it is not used instantly after harvesting, the pulp needs to be frozen immediately to increase its life otherwise it could be quickly spoiled.

The Acai Berry has been widely researched. The results of the research studies have proved the berries are an excellent source of an antioxidant termed anthocyanins. This anthocyanins antioxidant is same as is present in red wine. These wonderful berries are also a richest source of fiber, fatty acids, vitamins and proteins.

These wonderful berries were first introduced to the world in the book Perricone by Dr. Nicholas Perricone Promise. After the publication of his book he also appeared in Oprah Winfrey Show in which he reasonably called these berries the perfect food yet discovered on the planet. He modestly rated the Acai Berry in the top ten super foods that have the capabilities to make its user look and feel younger.

All of us are well aware that antioxidants are vital for the better health and for assisting the battle against weakening effects of aging and the other related diseases. The antioxidants are known as the vital part of our diets. We normally had to listen that to stay in the best health one should consume more antioxidant rich foods like blueberries.
The Acai Berry has been widely advertised nowadays. This hype compels a person to know what quotient of antioxidant is present in the Acai Berry juice commercially available in the

Oct 21

The Perfect Solution For Making Juice

When the summer comes to an end and the leaves just barely begin to turn colors, another natural phenomenon begins to happen with the trees in my parent’s yard. They begin to drop fruit to the ground. Those trees are filled with apples, and now those apples are beginning to fall from the yard which only means one thing, time for the traditional making of apple juice.

At the point when enough apples have fallen from the trees is when we get out equipment for making apple juice. We gather up all the buckets we can find which will be used to collect all of the apples that have fallen from the trees to the ground. When a bucket is full, it is brought over to the apple pressing area, and then the work to fill another bucket begins.

While the apples are being collected, there is another process that is taking place and that is the pressing of the apples. The apple press that we use is actually an antique that was passed down to us by our grandmother. Yes it’s old, but it still does the exact job that it is supposed to do which is press the apples so the juice can be collected. Beneath the press is another bucket which is used to collect the juice as it falls from the press.

The apple press is shaped like a bucket and has a threaded shaft going down through the middle to the bottom where it is attached with a flange that allows it to spin through. At the top is a crank and on the shaft is a wood block shaped like the opening of the bucket. When the crank is turned, the wood block spirals downward on the shaft, pressing whatever fruit

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